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Presents that make a statement. Games that entertain while telling and preserving timeless stories. Objects and puzzles that test your wits. Promotional gifts with a message that make you think. This is
our business. Origem introduced in Brazil the idea of promotional gifts that could be adapted to any campaign or business event.

Origem is a brazilian company which offers your company creative gift solutions to promote your company’s image, through a constantly renewed line of products that will fit with your marketing needs and help to build up and disseminate your brand.

It’s hardly an accident that the Origem brand itself is a big name in its own sector in Brazil. Apart from our passion for what we do, we have striven to adopt the principles below in everything we do:

  • Creating, producing and selling products that are recognized for the content of their message, originality, finishing and packaging.
  • Seeking a product line with universal appeal based on a strategy of activating or restoring cultural and historical sources from many different parts of the world.
  • Placing emphasis on high quality service, offering our customers sales consulting that takes into account the exact nature of their business, how to consolidate their brand and adapt promotional gifts to their specific needs.
  • A serious commitment to meeting deadlines without sacrificing a high standard of quality.
  • Providing everyone who receives an Origem promotional gift with something thought-provoking, an optimistic and challenging message, presenting a brand that they will remember.
  • Treating our suppliers as valued and strategic partners and giving them individual attention and professional respect, thus ensuring robust and reliable working relationships.
  • Offering employees good working conditions, an agreeable environment and improvement in the quality of life, and investing in their professional training and upgrading.
  • Always conducting ourselves in an ethical and transparent manner in relation to all stakeholders involved with the company, contributing to the sustainable development of the society we live in, preserving environmental and cultural resources for future generations, respecting diversity and promoting the reduction of social inequality.